How to Prevent Common Paper Jams

Are you experiencing frequent paper jams?

One of the most common causes of paper jams is mismatched paper specifications.  There are times when a paper tray is set for a specific paper size and type but the user has a document that is set to another paper size and type.  The copier does not understand this discrepancy and will result in a jam.  Double check your paper size and type in the preferences tab of the print driver to make sure it agrees with the paper that is loaded in your paper tray.

Jamming can also occur when your paper has a flaw in it.  Please inspect your paper before loading it into the paper tray for any bends, folds, or wrinkles.  You can lightly fan the ream of paper before loading it into the paper tray to prevent the pages from sticking together which allows it feed freely into your copier.