Digital Whiteboards

Sharp Digital whiteboards from James B. Schwab Co.

Improve Your Collaborations & Presentations with Digital Whiteboards

At the James B. Schwab Co., we take pride in helping you discover new possibilities for your business. We seek out equipment and solutions that enable your office to function smarter and more profitably.

Our digital whiteboards are a great example of products that open up the ways you work every single day. With these devices, you can:

  • Present information in fresher, more engaging ways
  • Enhance your ability to collaborate with others
  • Improve your brainstorming sessions

Features of the Schwab Co.’s Digital Whiteboards

The Schwab Co.’s digital whiteboards come with a variety of outstanding features, including:

  • Stunning high-res screens, which can display millions of colors
  • Ability to create and edit content with your finger or a felt-tipped pen
  • Security features like PIN codes and automatic data erasing
  • Ability to save your content to USB drives and network directories
  • Ability to connect with multiple computers and mobile devices at once

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