Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers

Get More Done with the Schwab Co.’s Multifunction Copiers

For many modern businesses, multitasking and increasing efficiency are major concerns. Businesses constantly seek out ways to complete tasks in less time and stay competitive.

The James B. Schwab Co. has products that can make you more efficient than ever before. With one of our multifunction copiers, you can:

  • Reduce your need for multiple pieces of equipment (and related energy and supply usage)
  • Print high-quality documents rapidly
  • Manage and share your information better

Features of the Schwab Co.’s Multifunction Copiers

The Schwab Co.’s multifunction copiers come with these key features:


Our devices can produce hundreds of prints within minutes. Thanks to their superior dpi resolutions, you’ll get crisp text and vivid images on each printed page.

Our multifunction copiers qualify for the Energy Star program too, which signifies their ability to combine great productivity with low power requirements. You can reduce your energy costs just by implementing this equipment.


You can also print copies that retain the qualities of original documents.


Our multifunction copiers also have scanning capabilities. You can scan documents to:

  • JPEG
  • Network Folders
  • Email
  • USB


You can fax your scanned documents, as well.

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