Shredders from James B. Schwab Co.

Dispose of Documents Easier with the Schwab Co.’s Shredders

Good information management doesn’t just involve printing documents. Your company may also need to dispose of documents properly.

Depending on your industry, destroying documents can be as important as producing them. If your information falls into the wrong hands, you could fail to meet compliance standards, lose profits and possibly face legal penalties.

The James B. Schwab Co. can help clients avoid problems such as these. We offer a selection of shredders that enable you to destroy documents quickly, quietly and securely.

Features of the Schwab Co.’s Shredders

The Schwab Co.’s shredders allow you to:

  • Shred hundreds of feet of paper in a few minutes
  • Shred dozens of pages simultaneously
  • Dispose of other media (CDs, cassette tapes, hardbound documents)
  • Stay safe with automatic power-off features
  • Work uninterruptedly and productively thanks to quiet-running motors
  • Meet your industry’s compliance standards for information privacy

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