Multifunction Copier Apps

Businessman using multifunction copier app

Monitor and Manage Your Printers Like Never Before

Optimizing your office’s printing practices can seem like a complex process. The challenges you could face include:

  • Determining which employees and departments use your printers the most
  • Seeing which documents are printed and why
  • Establishing and enforcing waste-reducing regulations

The James B. Schwab Co. can help take the headaches out of managing your printer fleet. With our available Multifunction Copier Apps, tracking and controlling usage on your devices becomes simple and streamlined.

Features of the Schwab Co.’s Multifunction Copier Apps

The Schwab Co.’s multifunction copier apps give you the ability to:

  • Integrate all the multifunction copiers on your network
  • Monitor who uses your devices and what they do
  • Set up notifications to encourage efficient, conservational practices
  • Set print budgets and quotas for individual users and departments
  • Prevent unauthorized users from printing sensitive documents
  • Set up digital signatures, ID card requirements and other security features
  • Print securely from mobile devices
  • Optimize your document scanning workflows

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