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Digital Whiteboards

Improve Your Collaborations & Presentations with Digital Whiteboards

At the James B. Schwab Co., we take pride in helping you discover new possibilities for your business. We seek out equipment and solutions that enable your office to function smarter and more profitably.

Our digital whiteboards are a great example of products that open up the ways you work every single day. With these devices, you can:


Dispose of Documents Easier with the Schwab Co.’s Shredders

Good information management doesn’t just involve printing documents. Your company may also need to dispose of documents properly.

Depending on your industry, destroying documents can be as important as producing them. If your information falls into the wrong hands, you could fail to meet compliance standards, lose profits and possibly face legal penalties.


Stay Productive with the Schwab Co.’s Printers

To keep your workplace consistently productive, you need high-quality equipment. With the right devices in place, you can get work done quickly and with little waste.

At the James B. Schwab Co., we take pride in giving clients the hardware they need to maximize their productivity. With our network printers, you can produce thousands of prints every month with minimal waste.

Multifunction Copiers

Get More Done with the Schwab Co.’s Multifunction Copiers

For many modern businesses, multitasking and increasing efficiency are major concerns. Businesses constantly seek out ways to complete tasks in less time and stay competitive.

The James B. Schwab Co. has products that can make you more efficient than ever before. With one of our multifunction copiers, you can:

Office Systems

First-Rate Equipment for Your Office

The James B. Schwab Co. goes to great lengths to help clients increase their productivity. We stock an assortment of office systems that let you produce, distribute and dispose of content with greater efficiency and security. Go to the pages listed below for more details:

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