DFS-3500 System

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Booklet Makers
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Combining the creasing and slitting functions of the DC-445 Creaser with the stitching, folding, and trimming capabilities of the mid-range DBM-350 Bookletmaker, the DFS-3500 Bookletmaking System delivers an affordable, all-in-one solution ideal for low volume jobs.


  • Full-bleed, mid-range bookletmaking system
  • Configures a DC-445 Creaser with a DBM-350 Bookletmaker
  • In-line creasing and slitting
Creasing the cover and innermost sheets prior to folding prevents toner cracking and guarantees crisp, professional folds. The optional slitting module trims the head and foot of each sheet for a full-bleed finish before accumulating in the bookletmaker. The system also comes equipped with an integrated book spine compressor to create books with a lay-flat finish. By automating the finishing process required to create full-bleed booklets, the DFS-3500 eliminates the need for a separate guillotine cutter and creasing machine. Time consuming set-ups, wasted material, and turnaround times are all reduced. Features In-line creasing and slitting High capacity feeder Automatic job setup Integrated book spine compressor Crease-only mode Variable data processing DCM Kit anti-static device