Pro L5160e

Wide Format, Inkjet
Manufactured by:
Giving you true media versatility, the RICOH Pro L5160e roll-to-roll wide-format latex printer delivers outstanding quality and durability for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Show your clients' true colors. Defy the standard gamut and enhance your output with the RICOH Pro L5160e
  • Expand your possibilities. Open a world of opportunity.
  • Ricoh quality starts with our advanced aqueous resin latex inks and Industrial printheads
  • Optimize your workflow and deliver more high-quality applications the same day
Designed for demanding production environments, this system offers 4-, 5- or 6-color configurations with CMYK, CMYK + White or CMYK + Orange & Green. Approach new customers with the confidence that you can accurately match brand colors across substrates and achieve the smooth gradations, vibrant hues and lifelike skin tones they’re seeking.